About Gloved Up Promotions

Promoters Andrew Wilde and Terry Strawson

Promoters Andrew Wilde and Terry Strawson

Gloved Up Promotions is a blend of boxing knowledge and business acumen provided by promoters Terry Strawson and Andrew Wilde.

“We ensure that all of our fighters feel good,” said co-promoter Andrew Wilde “In doing so, we feel that ensures good fights. In addition, we are providing an environment that dictates they would like to return.”

The driving force behind the inception – of Gloved Up Promotions – to the world of professional boxing was a passion for the sport and an admiration for the local boxers in our area.

Boxing is one of the hardest sports, and one of the most exciting forms of entertainment, in the world. The ability to provide better opportunities for local fighters whilst delivering world class professional boxing to the people of our community proved too enticing for Andrew Wilde and Terry Strawson.

Strawson, born in Liverpool, UK., has lived on Vancouver Island for over a decade and now resides in Nanaimo, BC., the home of Gloved Up Promotions. His love for boxing began during childhood, watching the likes of Nigel Benn and Prince Naseem Hamed, and has carried through adulthood with the help of many great friends within boxing.

From covering HBO televised world title fights at ringside for www.KODigest.TV, interviewing some of the sports biggest stars including world heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder to working in the corner of fighters on ESPN and FOX Sports, 29 year old Strawson has crammed many vital and valuable experiences into his young career.

“I’ve been very lucky so far and I am hopeful it may continue,” said Strawson “I am a huge fan of the sport first and foremost and I am just enjoying the journey. I have so much fun whether I am writing and covering a fight ringside or I am in the corner carrying the spit bucket. Promotion is a lot of hard work but it is certainly a lot of fun and something Andrew and I love doing.”

Wilde, born in Qualicum Beach, BC., brings to the table an enormous wealth of knowledge from the world of business. His nous has proven pivotal in the early success of Gloved Up Promotions and his passion for the sport is growing day by day.

“I am falling in love with boxing at the moment, his passion is infectious.” said Wilde of Strawson “I have always been a fan, but when you have money and time invested the way we do, and knowing some of the fighters the way we do, it certainly has an affect on you. For as long as that affect is positive then I will be committed to Gloved Up Promotions.”